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Hollow Place

Artist : Polar Bear Club
Album : Sometimes Things Just Disappear
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Hollow Place—Polar Bear Club

Sometimes Things Just Disappear

I’ve been driving with the rear view mirror.
Who guessed it would be no clearer?
It got me lost, and now I’m late.
The clock’s dead on, no one to blame but me.

Is this a bad chase dream where speed’s not what it seems?
The pedal’s pressed, but nothing works.
Bite your nails ‘til your fingers hurt.

What now? What now boy?
What now? Who you are is not enough.

It’s hard to know where we should go
when home’s too far away and “here” is a hollow place
where people come to softly hum
the songs that scare you most, believe me I’m scared enough.

Bite down, ‘cause everyone’s looking.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect bookend?
Little boy was scared at first.
Brazen once, but now he’s gone astray

What now boy?

It stings to say it out loud.

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Oggi ho deciso di diventare oro

Artist : Raein
Album : Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti
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"Oggi Ho Deciso Di Diventare Oro" by Raein.

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I wish my hair was like 2 ft long already

I wish my hair was like 2 ft long already


Artist : Ceremony
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Ceremony - Kersed

Pack your fists full of hate,
take a swing at the world.

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Song About An Angel

Artist : Sunny Day Real Estate
Album : Diary
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song about an angel // sunny day real estate

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